August 9, 2017

Welcome to the Muse Scholar Program and your Explorations in the Arts course this fall.  We have planned a very exciting class, filled with visits to museums and performances throughout NYC all semester.  Fill your Metrocards; it’s gonna be a great ride.

Important upcoming dates to be aware of at the beginning of the semester:

August 30 : WordPress set-up workshop (1:00-2:30PM)  Location: 1001G North Building. Make sure to have your first assignment materials ready.

September 6 : New Student Convocation (12:00-3:00PM) Location: Assembly Hall, 1st floor North building followed by the Student Club Fair outside the North Building on East 69th Street (between Park and Lexington Ave)

September 13 : Muse Meet and Greet lunch (1:00-3:00PM) Location: Fishman Student Center, 417 West Building.